CEEOIndia in collaboration with State and Central Government Departments connecting people for their social and economical empowerment. The organization have designed a platform to connect the people of India towards Prime-Minister’s Office, Government of India, so their grievances would be listened and immediate redressal would be delivered. 

The organization is working in the sector of Education, Health, Culture, and Environment , Moreover have formed and linked 1000 Women SHG’s in Jammu and Kashmir state for livelihood purpose, we are supporting education of 1000, kids on the ground and supporting the education campaigns across the state.

On the ground we tackle to work on the water and sanitation programmes in the rural villages of the J&K, as well as designed a platform to connect the women beneficiaries across the state.

Organization is running open-wall schools for poor children, where uniform is not must, just your will and thoughts to get free education. From livelihood to Education, Youth and sports to empowerment, Skills to Employment, Afforestration to conservation of nature and boost of Rural Tourism, we are always there with dedication.

The chain of Handicrafts, Handlooms, and Shawl-weaving is one of the strength of the organization to empower women SHGs In the state and Honey-Bee keeping in Kargil as well as Model education promotion in Ladakh.

Providing free education to children of labours working in factories and Brick-Kilns in collaboration with Education Foundations across India as well as facilitating care towards Cancer-Patients and other sought of diseases.

We are working for the basic rights of Human-Beings under constitution of India in collaboration with Governmental Agencies, CSR Partners, NGOs and Social-Groups in India and abroad.